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A strong personality is a lot more important, and it's a skill that CAN be learned. Learn how to get women's phone numbers easily with a specific technique that almost never fails for getting a woman's number in less than 2 minutes.This, together with the other teachings, can be really powerful. Know how and what to talk about with women - Double Your Dating teaches a powerful technique called "Cocky and Funny".Pentru ca nu-i asa, cu totii ne dorim lucruri unice si lucruri exclusiviste.Unul dintre primele elemente pentru a fi unic intr-un mod atractiv este sa incetezi sa curtezi femeile. Aceasta imagine si-o creeaza si reformuleaza inca din copilarie pana la varsta adulta.Un barbat inalt, frumos, faimos si bogat, cu siguranta ca actioneaza anumite butoane intr-o femeie.Long story short – I bought David’s entry-level DYD ebook and started implementing his famous “cocky-funny” and other dating techniques that he revealed to me, and I then VERY QUICKLY started dating multiple women.* It was pretty amazing…I credit this experience with not only helping me get on the right path with women, but also getting me really interested in personal development in general.

Would I recommend this workshop as one of the best out there? Would the guys in my [RSD LIVE Training Program] recommend it as well, all 12 of them that attended? I was wing for Tyler when he got a phone number of a super fine 19 year old woman...The techniques in the book are practical and easy to use. Understand your role as a Man - In our world, women are abundant.There is nothing you will have to memorize or study. It's not like when we were cave men, that you had a restricted number of women to seduce and build a family.Nowadays, you can be rejected by 1,000,000 women are still there will be a lot more. Fix your INNER GAME - The negative beliefs you have about yourself reflect on your outer world, and that women can sense that.Our genes, though, haven't adapted to that, so they still think that you CAN'T screw up your changes on this particular woman. David Deangelo shows how to overcome that and how to get a positive mindset. Learn the personality traits that women are attracted to; some guys think you need to have money and good looks to attract women: this is totally not true, actually.

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