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I can give you examples of a USA tube seller that went even further, they removed the fake prints from tubes, and sold them as unbranded NOS. Company names I know, but I can not mention here of course. Very large companies, selling via Ebay, under their normal company name. There are some REAL professional companies faking tubes in a way, which will make you fall off your chair if you only knew.Another is in Switserland, he sais he is the greatest. Or how about airplane parts faked as "old stock" or "new production" whatever sells best, made from rejected parts.AES became Combined Electronic Services Ltd, in 1968, after the Pye group was taken over by Philips and the Pye radio & TV service company (Radio & Television Services Ltd) was combined with AES Ltd. In the early 1990s, the UK Philips spares warehouse at 604 Purley Way, Waddon, was closed.All UK spares were then delivered from the central stores at Eindhoven, Holland. It is not intended to discredit honest sellers that have fakes in their program by mistake.Showing, yes we all can make mistakes, but we do what we can to correct this, and we help others to prevent the same mistake, by warning others. Not just tubes are faked, but also money, watches, gold bars in such a way even specialists can't see it.We like them in just about everything we have tried them in. Combined Electronic Services or CES, 604 Purley Way (as it was know to many and now seems to be – at least in part – a Lexus site!

We all need something to believe in, even when they know it is not true. Many greatest books and movies, contain stories which never happened. Moreover, if you see such a seller saying so upfront, then for me personally this is a good way to deal with this.This tube has the chime and lushness you would expect from a Mullard without all the cost.We really like this tube in classic Fender Deluxe amps and Mesa hi-power amps. We tried them in our Acro Sound 20/20 and were very surprised at their accuracy and detail.) was synonymous with the Philips TV brand during the period under consideration by this website.CES became well known for its bulletins which ran for many years.

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1) Factory code , 2) Year of Manufacturing, 3) Month, 4) Week (this is usually on tubes manufactured after 1960) The first 2 characters are the most important ones since factory code would show where a tube was made and year, well, this one is super important since sound changes quite a bit for the same tube from the same place depending on a year.