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The need of such a publication has been amply demonstrated by the numerous useful papers I have been enabled to publish^ '\ and by the continued increase of its circulation. Tn bringing to a close the first volume of The Genealogist, it is my pleasant duty to offer my warmest thanks to the numerous contributors, subscribers, and friends, to whose encouragement and sup})ort it owes its existence, f-^ Despite the prophecies which hailed its birth, — that it was f not wanted, — tliat it would interfere with other publications of a ^ J similar character, — that nobody would read it, — that it would I prove a pecuniary faihire, — The Genealogist has struggled into being, and is I trust now firmly established as a literary ware- .liouse, for many valuable articles on Heraldry, Genealogy, and kindred subjects. There is a huge market in the metropolitan areas for good longarmers who have the machine and are willing to quilt for others to earn income.If you're able to do this, check with your local quilt shops and ask how much they pay for longarm quilters.

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"Eminently ]5ractical and susceptible of practical ajiplication by him who is in need of just such information as it furnishes." — St. " It is in every way a good and safe boolc for both students and practitiunei's." — Canadian Practitioner. •'One of the l^est text-books for students and practitioners which has been published in the English langu.age; it is condensed, clear, and comiirehensive. I)., Professor of Clinical Gynecology, Medical College of Ohio; Gynecologist to the Good Samaritan and Cincinnati Hospitals. A practical and safe method of obtaining urine from one ureter alone is very desirable in order to locate and treat disease there, and to ascertain the presence and healthy condition of the second kidney, when the removal of one is contemplated. Whatever we use should be evenly and tightly put in with a strong pair of dressing- forceps until the vagina is filled all the way down to the entrance (but not the vulva).

The jirofound learning and great clinical experience of the distinguished author find expression in this book in a most attractive and instructive form. " I can heartily recommend it to students and jiractitioners. I have in my library almost every recent author on tiiis sub- ject, and among them all I find none better fitte 111! Many attempts have been made to accomplish this end, but they were either unreliable, or necessitated bloody operations, or a dan- gerous distention of the urethra, or exposed the patient to the risk of having a healthy ureter infected by carrying germs from' the bladder into it, when the latter was itself infected from the other diseased ureter. Rose, " Ein Neues Verfahren, bei der Frau den Urin beiden Nieren gesondert empzufangen," Centralbl. If the patient cannot pass her urine spontaneously, it must be drawn four times a day, but that is an exception.

Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive in 2007 witii funding from IVIicrosoft Corporation littp:// OOgarriala PRESS NOTICES OF THE FIRST EDITION. The author shows a wide knowledge of therapeutics and a com- mendable wealth of resource. " Tiie ciiapter on Diseases of the Fallo])ian Tubes is up to date, complete, and instructive, as are also the chapters on Uterine Fibroids, Diseases of the Ovaries, and Peri-uterine Inllammation." — American Medico-Surgical Bulletin. After some practice it is possible even to catheterize the ureters with the patient in the dorsal position with- out elevating the pelvis.

" While written in a concise way, it is excccdini^ly full, and covers the whole ground of gynecology." — Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. "The surgeon will find much to interest him, and he will turn to its jiages for hurried consultation much ofteiier than to some of the more elaborate ' te.xt-books ' and ' sys- tems.' " — ^Journal of the American Medical Association. Commonly a s})eculum 10 millimeters in diameter suflices for inspection, catheterization, and treatment of the ureters. index-finger into the rectum, and lifting and guiding the catheter while it is being pushed up. 143),' a minute electric lamp is carried into the interior of the blad- Fjg. Casper s ureter cystoscope : li, movable lid covering groove in which moves c, the ureteral catheter; d, handle of lid; o, ocular end; p, prism; I, lamp; s, screw for making and breaking connection with the battery; m, mandril. 167 steep elevated-pelvis position, in which the bladder, and especially the region next to the inner opening of the urethra, becomes the highest point of the abdominal cavity.

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The light colored side is said to stand for the sunny side of the house, and the darker shades on the other half are to symbolize the shady side of the home.

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