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Interracial dating totally

S population, and African American men make up a slightly higher percentage of my dating history.

My friend imparted this news to the others as though she were telling them I always parked in a handicapped space.

We drank wine and talked about normal, early-20s life stuff — terrible jobs, terrible apartments, terrible dates.

Then my friend turned to her college friends, all black women, and told them I dated black men.

They looked at me and tisked in a way that was half joking, half very, very serious.

It’s so hard for us to find quality black men, they told me. Wasn’t it racist for me to eliminate a possible mate based on his skin color?

Interracial Dating: Share, Don’t Compare One of the greatest joys of interracial dating is the opportunity to share cultural experiences with one another.

I’m white and, to be clear, I don’t exclusively date black men.

African Americans make up about 13 percent of the U.

But after Black women got tired of these stories and called these publications out on it, the number of stories decreased drastically.

But earlier this week, Newsweek tried to revert back to the old formula with this headline.

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In 2012, 15.1 percent of new marriages were interracial.

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