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Everyone can email them at [email protected], post on the Customer Service Forums, or call their customer support hotline Please wait 1-3 business days for a reply using the in-game ticket method or 2-5 business days using the email method.If you’re a subscriber and you require assistance with an issue inside the game, you can create an in-game ticket by clicking on the "Customer Service Help Request" Main Menu option (or by pressing "Ctrl /") and following the instructions on the "Request Help" tab.Special currency can be earned in the Iokath daily area to purchase consumables which allow you to take control of walkers, stationary turrets, mouse droids, and monitor droids.Yes, this means you can complete your daily quests as a walker – or even do walker vs.Although it is technically possible to launch the Client directly (bypassing the Launcher), it would mean the self-updating process is skipped as well, leaving the Client eventually outdated - therefore please always use the Launcher to run Star Parse.Star Parse/ ├── Star // the main executable to run Star Parse ├── runtime/ // Java runtime └── app/ ├── (...) // Star Parse Launcher files └── client/app/ ├── stats/ // stored raiding data ├── (...) // Star Parse Client files ├── // main configuration ├── // Timers configuration ├── // learned Attack types └── // Star Parse log for troubleshooting The configuration files are simple XML documents and tech-savvy users can manipulate them directly, but be advised incorrect settings may render the application unusable.

This is the same vendor where you bought the Red Detonite Actuator for Endurance 3 in Alderaan.

Old allies such as Malavai Quinn (Sith Warrior) and Elara Dorne (Republic Trooper) will return as part of this story, and yes, you can continue your romances with them if you romanced them as part of your origin story.

Once you’ve completed the non-repeatable story content on Iokath, a new daily area will open up.

This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.

If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.### Patch 1.2 UPDATE! Step-by-step instructions on how to get to the datacrons in Corellia. Click on the timers below to go straight to the Datacron walk-through in the video.

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Willpower 4, X:-2,404 Y:2,949, Incorporation Islands Blue Matrix Shard, X:-2,423 Y:-1,063, Labor Valley/Derelict Service Area Strength 4, X:-2,754 Y:-2,007, Labor Valley (Check link below!