Single kurds dating

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Single kurds dating

I personally hate these two words, because “modernism” treats the past as primitive and “traditionalism” leaves no room for change.

As a female outsider, you have many things working against you; you don’t have a family to vouch for your good character, you don’t have a man (father, brother, and/or husband) to protect you, you don’t speak the language well, and you are largely ignorant of the culture.

Our traditional mothers are vivacious and powerful. Why are their daughters deemed as having lost their heritage?

I for one have embodied both attributes of traditionalism and modernism.

The greatest number of Kurds today still live in Kurdistan, though a large Kurdish diaspora has developed in this century, especially in the main cities of Turkey and Iran and more recently in Europe as well.

Between 10 and 12 million Kurds live in Turkey, where they comprise about 20 percent of the population.

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When I was traveling, many Kurdish mothers took me under their wings, invited me in for dinner, and ceaselessly interrogated me about America.

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  1. It may seem old-fashioned, but it wasn’t long ago that the families of some Chinese girls actually forbade their daughters to talk to, never mind get involved with, a man not of their own ethnicity.